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Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 by Martha Marie Preston. At the heart of Elite Ladies of Expressionís mission and vision is providing services to support initiatives that improve the quality of life, business environment, leadership, and employment/educational development for residents in the greater Houston area.

The Peoples Coalition was established in 2010 and operates under the umbrella of Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. To assist in fulfilling Elite Ladies of Expressionís mission, The Peoples Coalition is committed to serving individuals with criminal justice, physical and mental health, homeless, and job readiness special needs.

Individuals who come to Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. for services have often lived in environments where they were given little encouragement/support to reach their potential, pursue their interests, or develop important life skills. Many are first offenders deserving an alternative to incarceration program, prisoners re-entering society, individuals with mental and physical health special needs, the homeless, and individuals in need of education, training or employment assistance.

Our clients are taught that the path toward succeeding and overcoming is filled with challenges, obstacles, social/political barriers, but that cannot deter us from obtaining our mission. We must remain focused and believe we can achieve. The seed we plant with individuals we serve at Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. is the belief that a better future is possible for their children and themselves. And most significantly, we strive to create an environment so filled with information, support, encouragement, and guidance that the community takes notice of the positive changes in our clients and becomes a cheerleader for their success.

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