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Membership Flyer for Elite Ladies of Expression Inc.

Membership Fee: $120 / per year

The Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. (ELE) is a service and civic minded organization that focuses on the needs of others. We strive to become a beacon of light for those communities that need revitalization and stabilization. We also focus on the need of the individual. Whether its education, financial or foundational, ELE will aid in the effort to help those in need.

Please click on the flyer (left) to print out your welcome message.

Membership online application is a two part process. Both parts must be completed to become a member of Elite Ladies of Expression Inc.:
Part I. Please complete the online membership application below.
Part II. Upon clicking the "Next" button, you will begin the process to pay for your membership. We use PayPal to process our credit card transactions.

After completing the application (below) and paying for your $120 membership fee, you will receive two emails which are as follows:
(1) An email confirmation from Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc. will be sent to your email address with the information submitted on the application below.
(2) A receipt for your $120 membership fee from PayPal will be sent to your email address. This receipt will confirm your membership.

If you have not received your two emails in your inbox, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder. Otherwise, please contact us at

Elite Ladies of Expression, Inc.
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